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After you got up in the morning, you stand in front of the open window and breathe the pure morning air

while you’re smelling the flavour of fresh brewed coffee.


You're feeling happy to start in a new day. Let the aura of green leaves, blue sky, sunshine and an outdoor breakfast buffet wake up your soul.


You know that a good start in the morning means that the good mood for the day is already won! Live is pleasure if you're feeling well. You let end the day while you’re enjoying the feeling of convenience and having an excellent dinner in our lakeside-restaurant.


After a week with us your life looks completely different and you happily return back home.


Our rooms are styled in a way of indulgence and personality, for the guests who love the beauty and the individual.


The rooms have view over the lake and the nature.

The restaurant is closed every wednesday after breakfast

>8 nights


CHF 200

(2 persons)


CHF 180

(1 person)


(2 rooms)

CHF 280

(2 persons)

3-7 nights

CHF 210

(2 persons)

CHF 200

(1 person)

CHF 310

(2 persons)

1-2 nights

CHF 230

(2 persons)

CHF 220

(1 person)

CHF 350

(2 persons)

All rooms including shower, WC, balcony, TV, radio, telephone, WiFi internet access, hair dryer, safe and breakfast buffet


Value added tax and cure tax are also included.


Breakfast buffet on the lake-terrace from 8.15 AM until 10 AM (In case of bad weather, the breakfast buffet is located the restaurant).


Pets after arrangement 15.- the day/ boat parking available


Parking carport: CHF 20 per day

Parking blue zone (marked parking fields along the road): CHF 12 per day

Boat parking: CHF 10 per day

Air Conditioning: CHF 10 per day


For further room details please klick on the room number on the left side.

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